Our Work

White Tiger Integrated Services is a full-service organization offering therapy, public speaking, assessment, family coordination, and home observations. Additionally, White Tiger Integrated Services is available for B2B consultation in developing integrated care model for both medical practices and reverse integration with behavioral health facilities.

White Tiger believes functional change starts with personal responsibility. From personal responsibility, we can work together with our patients to begin the change process leading to growth. As our patients grow, they will find a healthy level of maturity leading to overall success. This is what we call the elements of change. With the solid foundation of personal responsibility (vastly different than blame) we are able to help our patients recognize and own what is within their overall control and acknowledge, through that understanding, the power they have to make a different choice. Each choice provides the patient the opportunity to learn and adjust in a fluid motion to navigate every day challenges. Personal responsibility also allows our patients to learn how to communicate in a way that nurtures relationships and set boundaries through the establishment of enforceable statements and drastically change the way the patient interacts within their environment and vice versa.

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