Our Work

White Tiger Integrated Services: Elevating Holistic Well-Being

At White Tiger Integrated Services, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance mental health and overall functioning.

Our offerings include:

  1. Therapy Services:

    • Our skilled therapists provide personalized counseling for individuals, couples, and families. We address a wide range of mental health concerns, fostering growth and resilience.
  2. Public Speaking Engagements:

    • Our knowledgeable team is available for public speaking engagements. Whether at educational institutions, corporate settings, or community events, we share insights on mental health and well-being.

  3. B2B Consultation for Integrated Care Models:

    • White Tiger Integrated Services collaborates with medical practices and behavioral health facilities. We assist in developing integrated care models that prioritize holistic well-being.

Our Philosophy: Elements of Change

We believe that functional transformation begins with personal responsibility. By fostering this foundation, we guide our patients toward growth and success. Here’s how we approach change:

  • Personal Responsibility vs. Blame:

    • We differentiate personal responsibility from blame. It empowers patients to recognize what lies within their control and make informed choices.
    • Each choice becomes an opportunity for learning and adaptation, allowing patients to navigate life’s challenges fluidly.

  • Effective Communication and Boundaries:

    • We teach patients how to communicate effectively, nurture relationships, and establish enforceable boundaries.
    • Through these skills, patients transform their interactions with their environment and vice versa.

At White Tiger Integrated Services, we’re committed to holistic well-being, one responsible choice at a time.

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