Frequently Asked Questions

What is the symbolism of the White Tiger?

      The White Tiger represents balance, power and grace. The black and white contrast represents the contrast found within each of us and highlights how both complement each other to create balance. The black represents the sadness, fear, mistakes and trauma while the white represents growth, acceptance, success and recovery. We can not truly appreciate one without the experience of the other. The acceptance leads to empowerment as we released from guilt and shame and instead embrace our experiences as being a part of our whole person. As we are able to embrace ourselves we exemplify the grace needed for others. 

What makes your agency unique?

     White Tiger focuses on recovery from a holistic treatment model. Specifically, we believe your recovery is already within you and we are here to help bring light to what has been lost within. We are strength-based recovery-focused in our service delivery as we also believe what we focus on is what we multiply. Therefore, if we focus on what is wrong with you we create more problems whereas if we focus on what you need more of we can help you multiply your strengths for long-term sustained recovery. We also have a strong understanding of how the mind; conscious, subsconscious and the unconscious, work and help you tap into these systems to rebuild the whole person. We focus on where you are currently and where you'd like to go, to help you use your experiences, positive and negative, to lead to success. 

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